• All composite phenomena are impermanent.

  • All contaminated things and events are unsatisfactory.

  • All phenomena are empty and selfless.

  • Nirvana is true peace.


bodhi.zazen is of Buddhist origin. bodhi means "awakening" or enlightenment and zazen is sitting meditation practiced in Zen Buddhism.

The majority of the content on this site is devoted to GNU/Linux and grew out of activity with the local LUG (Linux User Group).

The Tutorials are written for Debian, Fedora, and Ubuntu. With minor adaptations, the information should be applicable to most versions of Linux.

My blog also is written for GNU/Linux although the topics are more varied and include security, privacy, and Virtualization (KVM, OpenVZ, and LXC).

Tweaks are a collection of configuration options including a sample bashrc and zshrc files.

What's new ?

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The site is constructed with html5 and css3 and is best displayed using a browser that supports these features (Chrome/Chromium, Firefox, Opera, and/or Safari).

At the request of friends and family, I have added a few pages on Buddhism. See the "Dharma" link in the menu.


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